Dirty Commercial Artist

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Warby Parker – Madison, WI

401 State Street-04a.jpg

‘I was commissioned by Warby Parker in late 2018 to create five murals for their new store in Madison, Wisconsin. The brief stated that the artwork should possess a clean and clever sense of design, be timeless, yet spirited and reflect the essence of the brand. The look and feel should be contemporary and scholarly with possible reference to literature, art, music, or film.’

‘I wanted to create 5 interconnected murals, linked by themes and narratives, so the viewer can find new and fun little characters and stories within and between the pieces.’

URBANSPACE – Washington DC

‘I was commissioned by Memo, New York to create 20-30 characters to be used on murals, bags and packaging. The characters had to be sitting shoulder to shoulder, to communicate community and eating together. The most important aspect was that there was a focus on funny, quirky faces of all genders, ages, races, etc.’ 

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Rock On Snowboard Tour 2017 – France

‘In 2017, I designed the official logo and poster for the Rock On Snowboard Tour that takes place in France each year. The design was used for buses, packaging, tickets and merchandise throughout the tour.’